Green bins

Residential Organics Collection

The Town of Biggar launched their Residential Organics Program. This program runs from the first week in April to the last week in October - collection day is every Wednesday.

95 US gallon green organic carts have been provided to all households as part of the curbside service. These carts were delivered to each household in early August 2021.

Cart Tips

  • Place Organic waste loosely into your cart. Do not bag or box items.
  • Do not compact organic waste into your  cart.
  • Have the contents of your cart emptied regularly (even if not full).
  • No biodegradable or compostable plastic liners/bags allowed.

How can I further prevent odors and unwanted pests?

  1.  Layer brown (dry) and green (wet) materials or add moisture wicking fiber (paper towel/dry grass clippings) with your organic waste.
  2. Freeze or place foul smelling foods into an air tight container. Place these items into your cart the day of pick up.
  3. Keep your cart in a shaded, cool, or well-ventilated area.
  4. If there is leakage, rinse out your cart occasionally with vinegar or baking soda to remove odours naturally.
Allowed items
Not Allowed
allowed 2
not allowed 2 2

Cart Placement

  • Place your cart with wheels to the curb by 7:00 a.m. on collection day.
  • Please do not bag your organic items. If a bag is necessary, use a paper bag.
  • Place your cart when scheduled to reduce odour build up.
  • Cart Lids must be completely closed for pickup and 3 feet from all obstacles.
  • Do not remove your cart from its assigned address or permanently mark your cart. Please inform the Town of any damages, vandalism, or if theft occurs.
  • For safety reasons, do not allow anyone to enter inside or children to play around the collection containers.
Cart Location