How Can I Help

How to Give?

Individuals, community organizations and business community can donate monetarily; provide goods in kind for fundraising functions, thus recognizing the importance of good healthcare in Biggar and district.

Planned giving – gift that are arranged now but will take effect in the future,

Volunteering your time and expertise to help ensure continuing quality care for loved ones.

Why Should I Give

All donations made to the Biggar and District Health Services Foundation Inc. stay in Biggar and district. This means that new medical equipment is able to be purchased or existing pieces are upgraded. It means increased opportunities to recruit and retain quality medical staff. It means that area residents requiring health care with the support of home care services are able to stay in the comfort of their own home, as they desire, and still receive quality patient care. It means that modern, efficient diagnostic and treatment is available when you and your family and friends need it most. It means when residents needing long- term care, a modern well equipped long-term care facility is available.

Without the ongoing support of individuals, businesses and community organizations, many purchases and funding would not be possible. That is why you should give.