Existing Businesses

The Town of Biggar is committed to supporting our business community and working alongside owners to make it easier to operate in town. Biggar's community spirit is booming among our business owners by their support of local community events, local job creation and wealth development.

Promotion of Existing Businesses

The Town understands the importance of our existing businesses to our community. We strongly support and promote our existing businesses through our communication methods including the Town's website, Facebook page, and events.

Biggar has recently become a member of the Saskatchewan Economic Development Association to access resources to assist with understanding Biggar's capacity for community and economic development, and to determine what resources we may be able to provide to our businesses. We are currently working towards completing the First Impressions program to gain an understanding of how visitors perceive our community. The Town hopes to use the findings to realize projects that could help strengthen our local economy and our overall community.

The Town of Biggar wants your business to be successful; if you have any questions, concerns or need help with municipal matters, please contact the Town Office at 306-948-3317.

Support Services

BDC Small Business Loan: For Existing Businesses

Quickly access the funds you need, at an interest rate you can afford. Best of all, you can postpone your capital payment for the first 6 months and repay your loan at your pace over 5 years. Click here for details.

BDC Change of Ownership

Are you thinking of selling a business? Have you developed an exit strategy? Get started by learning all there is to know about how to value a business. You'll get the right results when you're armed with an accurate business valuation and a blueprint for moving on.  For more information click here.

Innovation Canada

Tell us your story. Lists of programs and services tailored to your specific business needs.