Why is the Town embarking on this project?

Spurred by a philanthropic couple who are providing up to $2.5M in matching dollars, the Town's revitalization plans have been driven by the community. considerable consultation and planning occurred in conjunction with the residents of Biggar and area to create the master concept for the Town's next chapter.

The bold plans will energize and revitalize the town, attract new residents and visitors, and will make Biggar the envy of like-sized communities. An animated and vibrant downtown core encourages commerce, is walkable, accessible to seniors, sensitive to the environment, and celebrates heritage.  

Comments heard during the open-house presentations regarding the plans include:

  • Love this! Looks welcoming and honors our history and famous landmarks
  • The concept is excellent
  • I love everything about it. I can't wait for this project to start
  • I see huge benefits to this revitalization

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1. Why is the Town embarking on this project?
2. When did the planning for this project begin?
3. How will the Town pay for the revitalization and ongoing costs?
4. Can I give a gift over multiple years?
5. Is interim financing available to cover multi-year gifts?
6. What is the Town contributing to this project?
7. Why doesn't the Town just add this as levy on taxes?
8. Who is involved in this project?
9. What is the timeline for the project?
10. How will donations be spent?
11. What are the campaign expenses? How are they paid for?
12. How was the master concept/design developed
13. Where can i get more information on this project?