What is a minimum utility bill?
Minimum bill for residential services is $85.00 for any usage between 0 - 4,000 gallons. If you use more then 4,000 gallons you will be billed an overage charge of $4.25/1,000 gallons of water.

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1. How often are water bill readings done?
2. When will I receive a water bill and when is the bill due?
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4. What is a minimum utility bill?
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6. I just bought a house in Biggar, do I need to contact the Town Office?
7. How soon before I move into my house do I have to apply for water services?
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9. My toilet can’t be leaking because I don’t hear it or see any water on the floor, so I don’t have a leak.
10. I already have a water account but I am moving to a new house. Do I need to contact your department?
11. I’m moving out of Biggar and don’t require water anymore, do I need to contact you?
12. When I set up my account, I paid a deposit, when do I get that back?
13. I’m purchasing a revenue property and already have a water account at my residence, why do I have to pay the deposit?
14. Why can’t you get a read from my meter? Why do I have to call it in to you?
15. I need to read my meter. Where is it?
16. Who do I call with my water meter read?