Biggar Revitalization Project

Welcome to the Biggar Revitalization Project! We are beyond excited to share our plans with you along the way.

Former Town of Biggar residents, Ina Lou & Wayne Brownlee, have graciously committed to donating up to $2.5 Million in matching funds, for a project cost of up to $5 million. Funds raised will be put towards the revitalization of the Town's Mainstreet and its businesses core. 

The big picture for this Revitalization Project is to update Main Street and transform the Canadian National Railway grounds into a multi-use park, tourism hub and interpretive center, which are two projects of importance to the Brownlees.

Our vision statement:

Biggar Revitalization … an evocative plan to reveal, invigorate, and celebrate the business core. The transformation will weave Biggar’s rich heritage, strong sense of community, and bold aspirations into inviting and cohesive spaces and opportunities. New York is Big, But this is Biggar.

Revitilization Poster Houses

Follow the process! 

This project and campaign was launched on April 13th, 2021 at 11:00 am. A small news conference and announcement was held to give final plan details and spread excitement for the project. View the announcement here.

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December 31, 2021 - We introduced the Biggar Revitalization Project! Click Here

New York is Big, But Our Future is Biggar

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