Incentives & Support Services

Incentive Programs
The Town of Biggar strives to promote business development in the area and to provide assistance to businesses. The Town Council has developed three incentive programs for business and residential development.

  1. Business Incentive Policy
  2. Multi-Unit Residential Policy
  3. Residential Incentive Policy

Support Services
The Town of Biggar employs an Economic Development Officer (EDO) who is responsible for the administration, planning, implementation, and promotion of the community's economic development projects. The EDO offers support services to entrepreneurs, businesses, and community groups to help them achieve their goals for economic growth. The EDO will conduct and compile research for clients, assist with writing business plans, develop and manage community economic development initiatives, and much more.

Entrepreneurs and businesses in Saskatchewan have access to additional funding and support services from several organizations. Services include: business plan development, loans, training and education, industry information, and much more. Contact the EDO at the Town Office to learn more about these organizations.