Transportation in Biggar includes an airport, bus services, two major highways, the mainline Canadian National Railway (CNR), the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), taxi services, and trucking companies.
  • Airport - The airport is located a half kilometer south of Biggar. It has an asphalt surfaced runway, lights for night flying, tie-down and parking areas, and a nondirectional beacon.
  • Bus Services - The Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) runs through Biggar with two buses daily.
  • Highways - Highway 4, which runs north / south, goes through Biggar. Highway 14 is the other major highway, running east / west through Biggar.
  • Railways - The mainline CNR runs through and stops in Biggar. This provides passenger services through Via Rail. The CPR runs north of Biggar.
  • Taxi Services - Two taxi services operate out of Biggar: Big "R" Taxi and New York Taxi.
  • Trucking Companies - T & T Trucking, along with Biggar Transport service all points through-out Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia.